About us

U2two and Sameva BV

U2two is a U2 tribute band formed in 2008 by and around Sam Kramer

Sam is the frontman of U2two but also the director of Sameva BV. Although he only sings, he is named as a legal representative of U2two and is in that capacity on every contract that is concluded with the band.

Business team

A team of family, friends and acquaintances

The business and administrative work is mainly carried out by a number of people with whom the band has been working for years. For example, Mario, Frank and Johnny are contacts that you often have on the phone when it comes to bookings.

  • Johnny Roman - Johnny often handles the contacts when it comes to festivals, company parties and dinner shows. This true Amsterdammer actually knows everything about the band and the band members.
  • Frank Jansen - Frank is mainly your contact when it comes to theater bookings. With his many years of experience as manager and bandleader of the Dutch celebrity Rob de Nijs, the theater world holds no secrets for him.
  • Mario Vermulst - Mario actually does both festivals and theatres. He is also connected to U2two as a technical man and knows almost everything when it comes to technology. He is also the person who has contact with the technical people of clients to go through everything in detail so that an event will also be a technical success. He also has a lot of knowledge and experience in the world of tribute bands.
  • Eva Kramer - Eva is the U2two mainstay when it comes to administrative tasks. She also handles the webshop orders. Besides these activities, she also occasionally appeared on stage as the dancer in Mysterious Ways and is the "Miss" during the song: "Miss Sarajevo". Due to their busy family lives, this seldom happens anymore.

U2two - the band

A team of friends and acquaintances

Since its foundation in 2008, U2two consists of a solid core of session musicians who are also friends...for years. Most band members are also hardcore U2 fans and do everything they can to fulfill their role as well as possible.

More musicians swarm around the band who now and then act as a replacement for a regular band member in order to guarantee the continuity of the shows. Not everyone is available always or sometimes a flu causes that a bandmember cannot show up, right? Shit happens and luckily we have a solution for those situations. The only band member who is not replaced is Sam. Without his voice U2two, U2two is not the band you expect them to be.

Business data

U2two = Sameva B.V. = Sam Kramer

Sameva B.V.
Chamber of Commerce number: 08166509
Legal form: Private Limited Company
Headquarters (no visiting address):
Spoorstraat 7
4702VV Roosendaal
The Netherlands

Bank (IBAN): NL80 RABO 01180.20.455
Bank Identification Code (BIC): RABONL2U
VAT no: NL818729727B01