U2 theater show

Boy to Surrender

In April 2023, U2two appeared on the Dutch national stage of a popular TV program "The Tribute – Battle of the Bands". Viewers, including many loyal U2 fans, were flabbergasted when frontman Sam Kramer, with his "Bono" appearance, also gave the exact same voice as the Irish rock legend. With a live band that is as musically capable as U2 themselves are, the picture was complete! The fact that this band came out as 1 of the 4 winners and was therefore allowed to play a completely sold-out ZiggoDome Amsterdam three times in a row, was a wish - for the band but certainly also for many viewers - that came true.

U2two is in Dutch theaters from mid-October for the current and upcoming season with the brand new U2 theater show “Boy to Surrender”. In this show - named after the first released U2 album "Boy" and the latest album "Songs of Surrender" (2023) - you will enjoy the most famous songs that U2 has produced over the years. “With Or Without You”, “Where The Streets Have No Name”, “Bad”, “One” and you name it. But it doesn't stop there. Sam Kramer fully assumes the role of Bono and during the evening he alternates the songs with anecdotes about U2, stories from U2 fans from the very beginning, emotional acoustic performances of the lesser-known gems the band once produced and numerous hilarious statements that Bono did over the decades. In short: a show full of music, stories, emotion and much-needed humor that has never been presented in this way before.